2019 Middle School Golf Information

Welcome to the 2019 Spring Middle School Golf League.

Founded in January 2010 with a mission of teaching the basics of golf, providing an opportunity to play the game in an organized league and creating for the youth of the Gwinnett and Walton County area a passion for the golf that will continue into high school and their adult lives. 

The Middle School Golf League is organized with parents registering through the South Gwinnett Athletic Association.  Players are assigned teams based on middle school attendance and receive golf shirts with their middle school or feeder high school colors.

During the first weeks beginning golfers will spend more time becoming more proficient at ball striking and understanding golf rules and etiquette.  And then take that knowledge onto the golf course. Repeat Middle School Golf League players or the more advanced junior golfer will begin play as team members in the best ball “Lauderdale” format. Players play from forward or junior tees based on ability.

League play and/or clinics will be held mostly on Sundays, normally at 4 pm. The season officially begins with a clinic for everyone on conducted by our golf course professionals, a beginner orientation or practice round for advanced or returning players, four weeks of team competition best ball play including during one week “High School Day” where high school team golfers are invited to play along with their cluster middle school teams,  a week of individual stroke play and the season culminates with a Drive, Chip and Putt competition and the MSGL Awards Party.

Each team has a volunteer team “Marshall” that is responsible for team lineups and supervises the play on the course.  Parents are welcome to walk or ride carts along the course as spectators but must remain on the cart paths. 

The host courses for this season are Snellville’s Summit Chase Country Club and Country Club of Gwinnett, Lawrenceville’s Collins Hill Golf Course, Loganville’s Cedar Lake Golf Course and Dacula’s Trophy Club of Apalachee.  Teams play on all five courses during the season.

Registration will be limited and registration will close when we reach 100 registrations or on Feb 15, whichever occurs first.  A parent orientation will be held prior, to the season beginning with more detailed information about the season, uniform sizing, information about golf equipment and clubs and a Q&A session with League Director Les Witmer and SGAA ‘s Tim Gaines.

Prior to that for more information you may contact MSGL Director Les Witmer at:  lawitmer@comcast.net



2019 Spring Middle School Golf League Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I register my Middle School son or daughter for the Middle School golf League?

A: You can register on line at:  https://www.middleschoolgolfleague.com

Q:  What is the deadline for registration?

A:  Our on-line registration is limited and will close when we reach 100 registrations. If we do not reach that by Feb 15, registration will close that day at 5 p.m.   

Q: What is the cost of registration?

A: $200.  For parents registering additional siblings, there is a $20 discount for each child.

Q: Who may register? Will you take anyone other than middle school students?

A:  It is a middle school league.  There are other opportunities for younger golfers with PGA and other junior golf programs.  We limit our registration to 100 players.  (In the fall in preparation for spring high school tryouts we do allow 8th graders who played in the MSGL in the spring to play.) On occasion we have taken a fifth-grade student to fill out a team roster (sibling of middle school player, have played golf before, etc., on a case by case basis).

Q:  What does the registration fee pay for? What is provided?

A:  There is no other league cost involved for the players. No greens fees or course fees. The registration fee helps us cover the cost of using the courses, the professional instruction at the clinic, team shirts, end of year party and awards, and SGAA administration of the program. The League Director and Marshals are volunteers.

Q:  Do players need to already know the rules of golf and be able to play?  Does the league take beginners?

A:  We have revised our program to meet more of the needs of the beginner golfers. We focus on the basics—ball striking and fundamentals and thru play give them a good understanding of the game of golf. We usually have an optional TBA Saturday range time for beginning golfer or those wanting to work on ball striking and fundamentals.  Also, depending on the availability of range time at the courses --we would announce when that is—we would have a practice session for beginners and again that would be optional. 

Q:  Do players need to provide their own clubs or golf supplies?

A:  Yes, We do not furnish golf clubs however we help make sure the players are playing with proper equipment.  The worst thing that will hamper the young golfer is to be playing with the wrong sized clubs—especially trying to play with adult clubs.  They now make clubs that are designed for their size—height of the youngster.  And because kids grow they will outgrow those clubs. So, first suggestion is don’t spend a lot of money on clubs.  You can get second hand or used golf clubs at places like the PGA Superstore, Edwin Watts but also at Play it Again Sam, and EBay. And also Craig’s list and even from parents of kids who have outgrown theirs.  What is needed for beginners is a driver and/or fairway metal, a mid iron (5 or 7) a pitching wedge and a putter.  Additional clubs are okay if the set comes with them. Players need to supply their own golf balls.

Q:  Do players need to have golf shoes?

A:  No, in fact we recommend against it as often with young players the cleats can cause damage to the greens.  Sneakers or athletic shoes are ok.

Q:  Where can I find out more about the MSGL?

 A:  There will be an orientation meeting before the season starts where we go over in more detail information about the program. It is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 19 at 7 p.m. at Summit Chase Country Club.  We will go over the spring schedule and upcoming season, golf equipment, have shirts for sizing and answer any questions.

Q:  When does the season start?

A:  We’ll start the season for everyone again with Golf Professionals Gene Siller and David Epps conducting a clinic at Summit Chase Country Club at 4 p.m., Sunday, March 10.

Q:  Is that the only instruction for new players? When does play start and what does it consist of?

A:  There will be an on-course orientation for all new players and beginners ONLY with the time and date TBA.  That will include more instructions on the fundamentals for beginners and then we’ll take them onto the course and give them an on-course orientation of golf etiquette and team best ball play. On Sunday, March 17 teams will meet for a team orientation and first time gathering and play a practice round of 9-hole team best ball.  Then we will start our four weeks of Team Competition Best Ball Play, with “shotgun” starts at 4 p.m. (everyone tees off at the same time on different holes) for the weeks of March 24, April 7, 14, and 28.   During one week of team competition play we will have “High School Day” where high school team golfers are invited to play with their cluster middle school team.  Then on May 5 we will introduce or reacquaint our players with individual stroke play with a nine whole stroke play tournament for the advanced players and the remaining players playing individual stroke play with their teams. We will not play March 31 (Beginning of School Spring Break) and April 21, Easter Sunday.  We will not have scheduled play on May 12, Mother’s Day,  but will use that as rain make-up date if needed. We’ll culminate the season again with the very popular –the Drive, Chip and Putt Competition, our party and the awards presentation on May 19

Q: Do boys and girls play on the same team?

A: Yes, we are co-ed and boys and girls play on the same middle school teams. 

Q: Do girls play from different tees?

A: Everyone plays from the tees that they are best able to play from. We as a league, boys and girls, play from either the forward tees (red) or designated junior tees. 

Q:  Do players play at the same golf course each week?

A:  No we rotate team play.  We added a fifth golf course in the fall season based on our continued growth.  Trophy Club of Apalachee in Dacula joined Summit Chase Country Club and Country Club of Gwinnett both in Snellville, Cedar Lake Golf Course in Loganville and Collins Hill Golf Course in Lawrenceville.  A weekly schedule is published and emailed out with results of the previous week. Parents are advised to make sure they know which course their team is playing at and to take into consideration travel time in getting there.

Q:  Does each team have adult supervision?

A:  We will have a volunteer Lead Team Marshal with each team. Because of the number of players on the team, each team may need additional volunteer assistant marshals.  These are volunteers (usually parents), who go thru a team marshal orientation/training session before the season begins. The role of Lead Team Marshal is to:

1. Supervise on course play. 2 Set the line up for team group play and determine which tees player will hit from.  3. Keep and report scores.  4. Monitor development of team players and determine who could advance to stroke play. 5. Receive and help disseminate, information and results of team play.

All marshals (lead and assistants), will be asked during play to supervise play, insure safety, help reinforce instruction, explain rules of golf and insure proper golf course conduct, etiquette, and respect for course and other players are observed.  We are not expecting marshals to be golf professional instructors but we are expecting team marshals to be able to make sure it is an organized learning experience.

Q:  Since there are multiple golf courses how do parents know where their team is playing each week?

A:  Mass emails are sent out on weekly schedules, standings, and other information relating to the MSGL season.  It is imperative that correct email addresses—both primary and alternate –are listed on the registration form.  It is recommended that each parent’s email be listed and in the case of custodial parents, that both parents are listed so that everyone receives the information in a timely fashion. (Unless you want two emails coming to you with information, DO NOT list the same email address as primary and alternate!).

Q:  Do players walk the course?

A:  Some players (and marshals) walk the nine holes and carry their clubs or have a push cart. Player are not allowed to drive a cart (must be 16 years old and have a drivers license.) Parents are welcome to watch play either by walking along or they may rent a cart ($10 or $11 depending on the course) but must stay on the cart path at all times. Players may ride with them and have their bag of clubs in the cart but again parents must keep the carts on the cart path at all times. If players ride in a cart, they need to practice ready golf and get out of the cart and get their clubs to be ready to play. There is usually a line to get carts so it is important that parents and players arrive well in advance of the 4 p.m. start time.

Q:  How are teams organized?

A:  Players are placed on teams according to the Middle School they attend. Team golf shirts are proved by the league. If a player does not attend one of the middle schools for team play they are assigned to one based on where they live or to fill a team roster.

Q: What about a returning middle school player or an advanced junior player? Do all players on a team hit from the same tees?

A:  Players play from the appropriate tee based on level of play.  Our advanced players play from the adult forward tees. Beginners and intermediate players play from designated junior tees. Because we play best ball “Lauderdale” team format everyone has the opportunity to play and this helps develop team work.  We also have individual play where the more advanced players get to play in an individual stroke play tournament, while beginners are introduced to stroke play.

Q:  Besides Sunday play are there other practice or meeting times.

A: No. We do not schedule organized team practice.  Our play is scheduled for Sundays at 4 p.m. This for the most part does not interfere with other athletic programs.  Team marshals have the option of requesting practice time. This must be coordinated through the MSGL Director as our course practice facilities are also used for High School play and member or public play. Team practice is not required.  Players and parents may use golf course range facilities at local costs by checking with the pro shop at the courses.   

Q:  After the season are there other golf experiences available for Middle School players?

A:  We promote other junior programs, lessons and opportunities for development that are available at all of our participating golf courses.  For more information, contact the local golf professional at any of our courses for lessons or clinic opportunities.

Q:  Players are provided golf shirts. Are there any other requirements involving what they wear or need?

A:  We want our players to learn what proper golf attire is. We ask them not to wear jeans. Depending on the weather shorts, skirts, skorts or long pants are fine. Again, depending on the weather, light jackets, wind shirts, raingear may be worn.   Sneakers or athletic shoes are recommended. Players may wear their own hats or visors.  Golf gloves may be purchased and worn.  Players provide their own golf balls. Again, depending on the weather parents are advised to dress appropriately and if necessary, bring umbrellas.  

Q:  How long does play last?

A: We practice ready golf and Team Marshals are asking to keep play moving. Play is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.  We have a “shotgun “start where teams all start at the same 4 p.m. time on different holes.)  That requires teams to be in place ready to tee off at 4 p.m. Parents are asked to have their players arrive 30 minutes before start time, report to their Team Marshal and to warm up and be ready to play at 4 p.m. (and in enough time for parents who are getting a cart—carts cost $10 or $11). Play is usually finished at 6:30 to 7 p.m. or earlier. 

Q: What happens when there is inclement weather? If it rains before or during play?

A:  The local golf courses determine whether we can play or not and also when we have to stop play (danger, i.e., storms, lightning, etc.).  So before the scheduled time to play, we ask parents to contact the local course to see if play has been canceled.  We have a makeup date if we have to reschedule. On the golf course, most courses have a loud horn that signals lighting or bad weather and that we must evacuate the course. As in professional and even recreational golf, play may continue during light rain. Rain gear may be worn and golf umbrellas are certainly allowed on the courses. Play may stop and resume as weather permits. Team marshal are advised to monitor the weather situation. 


Q:  If I still have a question or need additional information, who should I contact?


A: You may contact Les Witmer, the MSGL Director at lawitmer@comcast.net